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Better You

Legendary Wolf.




PEOPLE GIVE MIKASA SO MUCH SHIT and it’s funny, but seriously, picture that your parents were brutally murdered in front of you - Eren literally saved her LIFE, taught her to defend for herself, provided her with a new home and comfort and love when she was empty and hollow. HE SAVED HER FROM BEING SOLD INTO THE SEX TRADE. SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN RAPED AND GAGGED AND BEATEN FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE IF IT WASNT FOR HIM.

Her attachment to Eren is valid and she doesn’t need to explain why she is so overprotective, thanks.


not to mention it was literally Carla Jaeger’s dying wish for Mikasa keep Eren safe like holy shit do the people who give her shit ever think that maybe she isn’t just overprotective but instead she’s trying to fulfill the promise she made to the woman who stepped in as a kind and loving mother, after Mikasa had to watch her own parents get brutally murdered before her eyes?




So I started thinking about Elsa’s hair and


hans really is vin’s illegitimate child

Get to know me meme
Favorite female characters (1/5)
»Artemis Crock

"Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us."





Here are some scientific facts about blood loss for all you psychopaths writers out there.

I would like to know what is in those bottles. 

It’s Siracha!!!! Siracha is life!

That’s actually highly useful.






I can’t believe that it’s allowable to have such a RACIST and CONDESCENDING news report. I already knew CNN was a joke and never liked their reporting but this really is disgusting. I’ve been living in New Zealand for 5 years now, the Maori culture here is pervasive, rich and beautiful and this whole report ignores that, pokes fun at it and is highly disrespectful. 

Please sign the petition for CNN to issue a formal apology. 

This is obscenely ignorant of other cultures

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST.  Really?  That woman who reported it — I’m not even bothering to look up her name because frankly, she doesn’t deserve that — is a fucking irritant.  Any time I’ve seen her on CNN in the past, it’s a grating, irritating report that she has.  This?  This is fucking racist and xenophobic.  

The mating dance of the Emu?  Fuck your fucking face, you asshole.  CNN has steadily been turning into FoxNews in the last decade, if you ask me.  This just proves it.

Wow, I would like to say that I’m speechless, but I’m not.  Actually, I’ve got quite a bit to say on this.  First and foremost, this is a classic example of racism, and it sounds like it came from a Victorian text rather than a modern day news report.  Their blatant and casual denigration of various native cultures while acting as though uptight suit-and-tie wearing white people is the norm is offensive on so many levels.  So is the disregard of the native greetings.  When people meet with the President in the White House or the royal family in London, aren’t they expected to shake hands respectfully, because that is the custom in the host country?  What the hell is so different about expecting Western diplomats & leaders to observe the same level of respect in other host countries?  Perhaps the only reason these forms of greeting are not even more popular is because of the brutal colonization of Western powers that had done their best over the span of hundreds of years to stamp them out and degrade them—or reduce them to humor like we see here.  Another thing that I noticed in this report was their focus on the semi-nudity of native peoples.  Don’t even get me started on the sort of Orientalist bullshit that is indicative of.  But seriously, I am very offended by this.  Like I said, it seems like something that would have been written at the heyday of imperialism, not 2014 for fucks sake.

A comment from Wiremu Shepherd who was actually involved in the performance above:

"I am of Maori and Polynesian descent. I am a member of the Royal New Zealand Air Force and I was involved in performing the haka powhiri for the royals. This news report was infuriating to watch.

The warrior (or kaiwero) pictured is a Warrant Officer who is in charge of bicultural matters within our air force. He is also one of the most intelligent, articulate, caring, humble people I know. He is fluent in te reo maori (the maori language) and knows our culture inside and out. His tattoos symbolise his genealogy both past and present, and are the result of many months of research. He is very proud of them. And I am sick to death with all the ignorant remarks and racist comments surrounding these pictures.

I am proud of my culture and this reporter just shat all over it. Everyone signing this petition has already listed various reasons why she should apologise so I won’t repeat them. But my message to Ms. Jeanne Moos is this. Fuck you bitch. Uppercut yourself and do some research before you decide to insult an entire race.”


I tried to draw a comic.

Pages 1 and 2 out of ???

I’ll try my best to update it quickly, but I’m so slooooow.

  1. Kiss like you mean it.
  2. Remember their birthday, every year.
  3. Make them feel special, even on a monday night with a forecast of rain.
  4. Befriend their Mom, she will tell you stories that no one else can.
  5. Order each other food at restaurants, just to try something new.
  6. Shower together, you may learn to love your body, by seeing the desire and passion in your partners eyes.
  7. Leave notes when you go out for the day, it will make you feel safe.
  8. Watch the Breakfast Club, and pump up your fist in the end, even if it only happens once.
  9. Care for each other when sick, soup is the easiest thing to make.
  10. Make chocolate covered strawberries in summer simply because you can.
  11. Go fishing with their Dad, and listen to what he has to say, even if he may have trouble saying it.
  12. Give each other little presents, even if its just a rose on friday the 13th.
  13. Get angry, but forgive.
  14. Love, love with all you’ve got.
14 things to remember in a relationship (via hollowfawn)


The houses of Game of Thrones reimagined as modern brands (x)

i think i choked on tears at ‘Frey celebrations’